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Please note that not all of the performers calendars are shown below, so please be sure to visit the individual performers pages by clicking on their name on the left navigation menu. This will allow you to see their calendar, read their profile, watch videos and also leave messages for them.

MCD is proud to announce its all new, soon to be expanded FREE Second Life Performers & Artists listings.

If you have suggestions for features or additions please let me know.

If you would like a free listing, i need 3 things.
1. A picture of you looking your best.
2. A little write up or bio
3. The link for your google calendar so people can see what you are upto.

You will have control over your page so if u know any html you can customise it, I will do this for you if you dont.

You and visitors will be able to leave comments, you will have the power to remove these if any are offensive, it is your job to police your own page, I simply do not have the time.

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