MCD Products

MCD products are built from the ground up with you and your customers in mind, we either make things that just don't already exist, or that are in serious need of improvement. We are committed to providing you with the best products available and service and support that is truly second to none.

This page is so out of date its ridiculous, one day when there is nothing more interesting to do, like all the paint has dried I might get around to updating this.

Performers Queue Board

Sat, 03/06/2010 - 16:25 — callie tigerpaw
"I can't say enough about MCD's products and customer support! We had run a talent contest in November and had 12 artists scheduled in 10 slots for a 2 hour event...As I'm sure you can imagine we were always running over the time between artists with a crowded club not sure who was on the sim....was waiting between acts for pple to rezz and pick up....MCD's Queue Board took out all that stress and wasted time between acts out! Our event runs smoother and much less stressful....We also purchased the Event board for our sim it rezzes pretty quickly was easy to use and very low lag for that type of board...Best of all MCD staff is always kind and helpful we were happy to find a company this helpful with great products for our clubs needs."

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Events Board

Keep your customers in the loop with MCD Events Board, with the facility to list unlimited events, and allow staff to operate the board MCD's Event board stands out from the rest.

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Visitor Greeter & Tracker - Extreme

The ultimate Greeter and tracker using stalker-tech©, rather than spamming your visitors with multiple pop up windows every time they arrive a small ball will pop up and follow them around for 60 seconds, your guest have the option to interact with the ball to get the usual group joins, LM's gifts NC's etc but more importantly can opt out of greeting. This is a huge benefit as your regulars really don't want to be pestered every time they arrive.

The tracker is web enabled, click on the Visitor Tracker Link on the navigation page for an idea of what it can do, there wont be any data there unless you already have the system, but you will be able to see what info is captured and what you can do with it, knowledge is power!

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Master Tip System

STAFF BOARD - 7 prims
# Multiple tip boards 1 for the house and 5 for hosts
# Group joiner, infocard/item giver, Announcement system - on/off say/shout
# Host page, IM, profile opener & online indicator
KUDOS BOARD - 7 prims
# Displays most recent tipper for a set period of time, 12 seconds per L$1 donated.
TOP DONATIONS - 21 prims
# Stores the top 100 tippers details
# Displays the top 6 tippers name, profile pic and accumulated amount tipped
TIP JARS - 1 prim
# 3 designs, only allows registered hosts to log in, when no one is logged in they automatically become house tip jars
# New follow me feature.

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Swear Box

Swear Box can be alot of fun and in 6 out of 10 cases will generate more revenue than your donations box. You get to choose the words that are unacceptable, so you can stop people swearing, being racist or just for fun ban the word "lol". You control how many bad words a person can use before being ejected, you can also have the system ban them, you also set the amount of money that people have to pay per word to clear their name, once they have reached the maximum allowed words they will get ejected every time they use a banned word.

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