MCD Promote Info


The MCD Promote system was created to fill an urgent need for store and venue owners alike to successfully target new customers, it was created by Monkey Canning who has 14 years of real life sales and marketing experience, and handles the marketing needs of many blue-chip clients on a daily basis.

The MCD Promote system offers store and venue owners the chance to keep in touch with its existing customers, and keep them up to date on upcoming events or promotions, to use the Promote system you will need the MCD Visitor System.

The system enables you to effectively target the right people, and send an IM and Inventory such as LM's, Notecards and Objects.

The system is not intended to give you the power to spam people needlessly and therefore you will not have unlimited credits.

Some practical uses for the system are :
Sending a message and a landmark to everyone that has visited your land to let them know you have moved.
Sending out a weekly update or upcoming schedule.
Promoting a new product line or event.
Inviting people that attended an event last week/month to the next event.
Sending a "we miss you" or special offer message to people who have not visited your store or venue for 3 months.

People receiving messages from the MCD promote system will automatically be given an unsubscribe link so that they can opt-out of future marketing, this is partly because at Monkey Corp we don't believe in spamming people, and it is also a requirement to keep us and customers TOS compliant.

The 3 P's of SL Marketing

The success of any campaign will heavily rely on the following, so pay close attention!

Do you have a unique offering, what sets your product or venue apart from all the others?

Is your product reasonably priced? Its all well and good having an excellent product, but if it is 3 times more expensive than all the others, the odds are that it wont sell.

Are you offering your product to the right people? Its all very well having the very best in biting huds, and it could also be priced way below the industry average, but if you are marketing to people who have no interest whatsoever in becoming a vampire, then its highly unlikely that you will be successful.

It's all about offering the right Product, to the right People at the right Price and at the right time.

If you have any questions, or require any help putting together a campaign get in touch.